The Water's Edge
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Residents of the west coast often find themselves at the water's edge during vacations and long weekends–sometimes beaches or boardwalks, sometimes on hikes through wetlands and tidal zones. I am fascinated by the disconnect many of these places have from our everyday lives in cities and office parks. We leave work and often drive hours to reach them. We take photographs to take home with us. Why do we hold them separate? Is it because we wish to protect these places, or do we wish to leave them for a more fast-paced life soon after they have given us the peace that we sought? It has dawned on me gradually, during my trips to photograph Point Reyes, and while on vacation in southern California, that I keep the very places that make me happiest at a distance, as a kind of "other". Almost by accident, this series has addressed my inability to merge those two parts of my life. For this project, I chose a special Polaroid "Chocolate" pack film, among the last stock the factory made before its bankruptcy. It lends itself beautifully to low light and water images. The rich sepia tones capture the kind of nostalgia we feel for the vacation places of our youth, and that I feel for the last of my dwindling packs of Polaroids.